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Changing room bench - WBX double

Changing room bench - WBX double

Product information

The bench seats are comfortable, strong, sturdy and lightweight.
Double versions: depth 85 cm, space underneath 40 cm, sitting height 45 cm. Maximum length 80 cm and maximum length 200 cm. The top shelf is 30 cm deep and fitted with plastic clothing hooks.
Other measurements are optional.

Suitable application areas

What options are available?
Space underneath (ER)
Space underneath (ER) i
Euro levelling feet
Euro levelling feet i
Gastro levelling feet
Gastro levelling feet i
On wheels RVS
On wheels RVS i
Plastic on wheels
Plastic on wheels i
Bumper rolls
Bumper rolls i
Spaces in between (ER)
Spaces in between (ER) i
Info strip
Info strip i
Most important features
  • Sustainable
  • Hygienic
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Ease
  • Available in size
  • Collapsable
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy disassembly
  • Wide scope