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Situation adaptions - depth

Situation adaptions - depth

Product information

Euro racks allow you to respond to the demands of your particular space. This goes for the length, the depth, the space underneath, the space between the shelves and the outer height.
This rack shows an adaptation in depth, which retains the access and storage capacity.

Suitable application areas

What options are available?
Covering plates
Covering plates i
Space underneath (ER)
Space underneath (ER) i
Euro levelling feet
Euro levelling feet i
Gastro levelling feet
Gastro levelling feet i
On wheels RVS
On wheels RVS i
Plastic on wheels
Plastic on wheels i
Bumper rolls
Bumper rolls i
Spaces in between (ER)
Spaces in between (ER) i
Protection set (ER)
Protection set (ER) i
Protection frame
Protection frame i
Info strip
Info strip i
Wall bracket
Wall bracket i
Removable protective rail
Removable protective rail i
Most important features
  • Sustainable
  • Hygienic
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Ease
  • Available in size
  • Wide scope