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Environmentally aware

REA thinks of the environment. Means of production are energy efficient or are converted to be more energy efficient. The amount of plastic rest materials is kept to a minimum and they are collected separately. Rest materials are recycled and are used for other plastic products. REA only works with new plastic material in order to prevent variations in colour. Because the storage system offers a durable application, the tropical rainforest does not need to be cut down and that part of the environment can be saved.


No one can escape the consequences of the new legislation surrounding the application of
chemicals: REACH. (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals). In brief, REACH's intention is to improve the protection of people's health and the environment by increasing the awareness of the dangers of chemical materials and by applying the correct risk assessments for these materials.
REA as a producer, and REA's storage system meet the legislation's, and REACH's requirements.